BharatNet project: Definition, Key features, Aim and Benefits

What is BharatNet project: Introduction

The BharatNet project, officially known as the “National Optical Fibre Network” (NOFN) project, is an ambitious initiative undertaken by the Government of India to provide broadband connectivity to rural and remote areas of the country.

BharatNet project

This project is a flagship mission which is implemented by Bharat Broadband Network Ltd. (BBNL) and Currently, it is being implemented by the Department of Telecommunication under the Ministry of Communications.

Recently in India, the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) ordered the scrapping of a Rs 1,950 crore tender for the BharatNet project in Tamil Nadu State.

BharatNet project: Key features

The project primarily involves laying down a robust optical fiber network infrastructure across rural India. The project’s focus is on providing “last-mile connectivity,” which means connecting individual households, businesses, and government institutions to the optical fiber network.

BharatNet project: Aim

The BharatNet project aims to bridge the digital divide by ensuring that even the most remote and underserved regions have access to high-speed internet connectivity. BharatNet Aim to connect all the 2,50,000 Gram panchayats in the country and provide almost 100 Mbps connectivity to all gram panchayats. BharatNet not only aims to provide basic internet connectivity but also facilitates the delivery of various digital services such as e-governance, telemedicine, online education, and more to the rural population.

BharatNet project: Implementation

The implementation of the this project involves collaboration between various government bodies, state governments, and private sector companies. The project relies on a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model for its successful execution.

The project is being executed in multiple phases. Each phase involves different aspects of network expansion, including laying down optical fiber, setting up infrastructure, and connecting end-users.

BharatNet project: Benefits

The BharatNet project has the potential to transform rural India by enabling access to digital services, improving education, healthcare, communication, and overall quality of life. It can also facilitate economic growth by connecting rural businesses to larger markets and improving agricultural practices through the adoption of digital technologies.

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