Telangana Inter (12) exam preparation guide

TS Intermediate Preparation 2024 – Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education (TSBIE) is the statutory body that is responsible for conducting Intermediate Exams in the state of Telangana. TSBIE releases the TS Intermediate Preparation Tips 2024 every year to help the students of Class 12th Telangana Board to prepare for their final examination. 

The students should be aware of the complete syllabus and the latest exam pattern before they start preparing for the final examination. The Telangana Board Intermediate Exams will take place in the month of March 2024 and with the help of Telangana Inter (12) exam preparation guide; the students will definitely score a good percentage of marks in all subjects.

Q. How should the students do subject-wise preparation for the Telangana Board Intermediate Exams?

The students appearing for this year’s TSBIE Intermediate Examination 2024 should check these general preparation tips for their subject-wise preparation. These are general tips and tricks that help students of all streams in preparing timetable and a good study schedule:

  • The student should make a study plan having time allocation as per importance of subjects and weightage of topics in final examination.
  • Make efforts to collect all the recommended course books and important reference books needed to understand important topics.  
  • Always make your own handwritten notes as they’re easy to recall during the examination time.
  • Read and practice the previous years’ examination papers as they give a good understanding of what’s expected this year.
  • Make sure you’re able to complete your syllabus at least four to six weeks before final examination and have ample time for revision.

Q. What are the best ways to manage time for my TSBIE Intermediate Exams 2024?

Effective time management for the TSBIE Intermediate Exams 2024 is important as it helps to reduce stress and accomplish more in less time. The time management tips recommended by TSBIE will help the students manage their time devoted for studies and other activities easily:

  • The student should study in a calm and comfortable room to avoid distractions and hence enhance productivity.
  • In case disruptions happen during study time, have a flexible approach and don’t panic as it reduces productivity further.
  • The student should keep the study table organized and keep books & other study materials within reach.
  • Always have a good sleep and exercise regularly to keep your mind and body active. It enhances productivity in studies and all other activities.
  • The student should be a part of group study for difficult topics which can become time consuming sometimes. 

Q. What are the best preparation books for the Telangana Board Intermediate Exams 2024? 

The students of TSBIE Board can refer to following books apart from recommended course books to enhance their understanding on important topics coming in the final examination:

Books Publishers
Physics for Class 12S.L.Arora
Mathematics for Class 12R.D.Sharma
Accounts for Class 12D.K.Goel
Business StudiesPoonam Gandhi
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