West Bengal 12th Board Preparation Tips

WB HS exam preparation guide – The West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education or WBCHSE has been organizing the Class 12th final examinations in the state of West Bengal. A student needs to prepare diligently and follow the effective preparation tips to score a good percentage of marks in all the subjects. Parents and students should read this WB HS exam preparation guide to help the candidates and themselves do well in the final examination.

The West Bengal Board every year releases its preparation tips to help the students in completing the syllabus and have sufficient time for revision before the final examinations. The WBCHSE Preparation 2024 shows the students how to manage their time efficiently for all the subjects. 

Q. How should the students do subject-wise preparation for the WBCHSE Class 12th Exams?

The students preparing for the West Bengal Board Class 12th Final Examination should be able to complete the entire syllabus of all the subjects. The timetable prepared by students should include enough time for all the subjects and have small breaks in between to make study time more interesting. 

  • The student should download the latest syllabus and note down the topics that carry more weightage.
  • Exclude the less-important sections of the syllabus and focus on the important topics to be studied in each subject.
  • The study timetable should be prepared considering the importance of subjects and their syllabus. Subjects such as Maths and Science should be given preference in regard to English & Hindi.
  • Take out time to make your own notes as they’re extremely helpful during the exam time. 

Q. What are the best ways to manage time for my West Bengal Board Class 12th Exams?

Time Management is very important for the WBCHSE Class 12th exam as proper time management decides when you complete the entire syllabus. An early completion followed by best revision guarantees success in the Class 12th Final Examination. Let’s take a look at best time-management tricks needed to achieve success:

  • Always plan your study schedule for each subject and give priority to the weaker subjects.
  • Understand the weightage of topics listed in the syllabus and give more time for long-answer questions.
  • Practice previous years’ question papers in a real-time exam environment to know the strengths and weaknesses of each subject.
  • Focus on your physical & mental health and keep away from unhealthy habits that can affect your health.
  • Always stay calm and composed before the final examination as it helps to focus during the exam time. Reading the instructions carefully and attempting the easy questions first will guarantee good marks always.

Q. What are the best preparation books for the West Bengal Board Class 12th Exams? 

The students preparing for WBCHSE Class 12th exams should read both NCERT for clearing the concepts and reference books recommended by the Board to score good marks in the final class 12th exams. 

Books Publishers
Physics for Class 12S.L.Arora
Mathematics for Class 12R.D.Sharma
Accounts for Class 12D.K.Goel
Business StudiesPoonam Gandhi
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